Stay Limber was created by Steph and Evan, two dog lovers and amateur yogis who would adopt all the rescue pups on the planet and live on a remote farm miles from other people if they had the money to do it—which they don’t. 
But one morning, they had a brilliant idea: As they watched their dog Milo limber up for the day by doing his downward dog stretches, they thought, why not create a clothing company for other dog-obsessed, active people and have some of the profits benefit dogs (and even cats) in need?
So they had their artsy friend Kayleen design a silhouette logo of Milo doing his thing, slapped it on some workout gear and totes, and decided that $1 from every item sold would be donated to the ASPCA—an amazing organization that uses their funds to rescue stray animals or remove them from unsafe living situations, get them spayed and neutered, and help them get adopted by loving families. 
And that’s how Stay Limber was born. Pretty cool, right?
So stick around and shop a while—and rest assured, we’ll be adding more amazing, dog-inspired designs on a regular basis.


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